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 November 2007

Removing the Fibro Ceiling

In a triumph of 1950s architecture some rooms in the house had their ceilings covered in Fibro. A lovely job it was to remove as well........


The original lining boards once again exposed.


With the ceiling done it was time to look at the skirts, we decided to dynabolt pine boards with a 45 degree chamfer to hold the plaster to the walls. these will also provide a fixing point for the skirting boards.



January 2009

After purchasing second hand blackbutt floorboards from an old warehouse from Thor's Hammer in Canberra we then had to hand lay them. This was done by hand drilling holes in the timber and nailing through the chipboard to the joists below.


The timber laid out on the floor prior to commencing nailing.

Nailing progress - June 2009

January 2010 - woohoo its all nailed......



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