Rathluba was built circa 1860 for prominent Yass Solicitor GC Allman whose father was Captain Allmain, the former commandant of the Port Macquarie Penal colony. After Allman's death in 1872 it was occupied to his wife until his partner in practice Edward Arthur Iceton purchased the practice and with it Rathluba. It was sold in 1912 to Henry James Barber and remained in his family until November 2003.


The Allmans

Rathluba was built between December 1860 and February 1863 based on the births notices below.

26/12/1860        Mrs. GC Allman gives birth to a daughter at her residence in Rossi St Yass.

22/2/1863         Mrs. GC Allman of "Rathluba North Yass gives birth to a daughter.

2/2/1862           Mrs. GC Allman of "Rathluba" North Yass gives birth to a son

10/2/1868         On the 2nd instant, at Rathluba, North Yass, the wife of Mr. GEORGE C. ALLMAN , of a son.

13/6/1869         Mrs. George C at Rathluba North Yass on 13.6.1869, gives birth to a son.

30/12/1870       Mrs. George Allman gives birth to a son at Rathluba North Yass.

1/12/1867        George Francis, eldest son of George and Emily Allman dies at "Rathluba" aged 12 years 9 months.

25/10/1872      Mr. GC Allman died at Cohen's Hotel, Sydney aged 49 Years.

8/4/1880           Emily Douglas Allman dies at "Rathluba" aged 49 years


The Icetons

Substantial works were done on Rathluba at some time prior to the Barber family acquiring the property. These included building the kitchen and laundry attached to the rear of the house which replaced another structure further toward the rear of the property. The roof on what is now the bathroom was raised to allow for the roofline to match the rest of the house. The cellar was filled in, the front sides of the verandahs were closed in and three of the ornate columns supporting the verandah were reused at the back of the house. We also suspect that the lime render with ashlar lines was also applied to the house at this time. Our stonemason is of the opinion that the finish of the stonework underneath the render is too high quality to have originally been covered up. This is further supported by the house next door only being rendered on the sides and front with the rear being left as bare stonework. The house was also fitted with an acetylene lighting plant which would tend to indicate a renovation done in the 19th century.

25/4/1889        EA Iceton marries Annie Wild at Yass

22/4/1890        The wife of Edward A Iceton gives birth to a daughter at  Eldon Cottage Yass

20/3/1893        At Rathluba North Yass Mrs. Iceton gives birth to a son

7/2/1897         Mrs. Iceton Gives birth to a son at "Rathluba" North Yass.


                    TO LET OR FOR SALE,


            on account of F A lceton. Esq , Solicitor,

                who has retired from business   

            Rathluba is beautifully situated m North Yass,

               fronting Victoria Park, and commanding

                    " a most perfect view. "

        Lawn tennis ground, Stables and large paddock,

                    Full particulars apply to

            THOMAS BESNARD, Agent, Yass


21/2/1899        Mr. EA Iceton dies at Ashfield Sydney leaving three children.


The Whytts

After the Death of EA Iceton there is a gap in our research so far as the Barbers did not settle at "Rathluba until after 1910. It appears that David Whytt, a solicitor and family were living here in the intervening years.

7/2/1902       Whytt february 5 at Rathluba, Yass Alexander Henderson Whyttt infant son of David and Nellie Antill Whytt aged 10 months

9/2/1904        Mrs Whytt of Rathluba Yass gives birth to a daughter

7/4/1906        A garden fete in aid of the Yass District Hospital was hold in Rathluba grounds on Wednesday last, the grounds being placed at the disposal of the public by Mrs. Whytt, who promoted the fete. Each stallholder selected a colour, which was carried out in the decorations and costumes of the assistants. A gipsy tent and camp was also arranged tor the evening, when a few musical items were given. The proceeds amounted to 150.

8/3/1927        The death occurred yesterday of Mr D Whytt solicitor who had been a resident at Yass for nearly 30 years. This may mean that the Whytts lived in Rathluba after EA Iceton's death. David Whytt was a Solicitor as well as being         active in the Tennis club, Golf club and Yass society


The Barbers

9/4/1959        Alice May Barber, wife of Henry Dies

5/7/1960        Henry James Barber Dies

22/5/2003       Keith Barber, son of Henry dies aged 93

Alice Barber on the Verandah of Rathluba sometime in the fifties


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